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Get professional looking, flawless lashes from home with this all in one eyelash lifting and curl kit.

Every box includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions to make your lashes pop without the need for makeup! PLUS we have created an exclusive demonstration video which you can view above.

Perfect home lash kit - I'll 100% use again!

It was my first time trying a kit like this myself, but the instructions were really clear and I watched the video tutorial beforehand which really helped. I can see a definite lift they look great! The product and packaging is really lovely and I didn't realise that I would get quite a few uses out of it - even better!

Charlotte O.


I have tried this LIFT+ kit today and it genuinely works brilliantly! My eyes are normally quite sensitive but they haven't even watered or stung at all using this glue and the lotions. I found the tutorial video really helpful (plus the instructions are clear as can be!) and handy that it comes with a QR code too.

Overall, I am surprised at the results from a home kit - really amazing results, no discomfort & great value considering the kit lasts over 6 months!

Liz S.

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